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Your 0% interest & no hidden fees
instalment service

About us

It’s never about us, it’s always about you.


At SVVAP, we think about how to improve the quality of your life and we are here to help achieve your goals.


We believe providing a 0% interest & no hidden fee instalment service not just improve merchants’ sales performance and shoppers’ financial flexibility can also fasten reaching your personal goals.

For Shoppers:

There are no interest and hidden fees for our service. You Pay What You See

Won’t affect your credit score*

*Using our service will not affect your credit score because we are not a loan provider or money lender

Enjoy first and pay us over time


Instant approval

For Merchants

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We take the payment default risks
in association with the instalment
and settle payment to you in
14 working days*

*Subject to terms and conditions

Increase your sales conversion
No set up fee, monthly fee and annual fee
Create Payment Link / QR code*

*Merchant enters the amount to be paid,
generates a payment link/QR code, shares the link/QR to
your shoppers through email or instant messengers
such as WhatsApp.

How it works

Shopper FAQ

SVVAP is a fin-tech company which aims to improve your purchasing power by offering an online instalment service with no interest & zero cost with an ultimate goal to improve your quality of life.

We are not a money lender. Our service does not constitute a lending or credit facility and we do not provide any credit to merchants or shoppers.

As long as you make your payment on time, there is no interest and no cost for our service. You Pay What You See.

You can sign up by clicking the App Store and Google Play icon at the Home page of our website or sign up when you checkout on our associated merchants’ websites – just choose SVVAP as the payment method.

If you miss a scheduled payment, we will freeze your account until the outstanding amounts are fully paid and you will need to pay a reactivation fee to reactivate your account. If the reactivation fee and outstanding amounts are still not paid in the next 5 days, an additional overtime charge of HK$300 will be levied on you for each overdue instalment. We will also take record of your overdue payment and this may affect your use of SVVAP service in the future.

Brian made a purchase using SVVAP with an Order Value of HK$6,000. The Order will be divided into 6 equal instalments of HK$1,000 each with the first one paid at the time of purchase. If Brian missed his second instalment for over 5 days, he will be charged a reactivation fee, currently at HK$100, as well as overtime charge of HK$300. In the event that he missed his third, fourth and sixth instalment too, he would be charged an addition overtime charge for his overdue third, fourth and sixth instalment. The total overdue charges would become HK$1,600.

You can use our service as long as you have a Hong Kong credit card and a Hong Kong identity card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UnionPay.

You should approach the merchant if your wish to make a refund and the refund is subject to the policy and approval of the Merchant. Nevertheless, SVVAP only accept refund request raised within 14 days of the respective purchase transaction.

In order to provide shopper a safe and secure payment experience, we use Transport Layer Security, AES-256 encryption techniques, to keep your data encrypted during transmission. Also, our servers are situated in data centre that is accredited for ISO27001 certification and we run our services using Azure cloud to protect your data from web-based attacks and abuse. Your credit card information will not be stored at our servers or cloud.

* The above is a brief introduction of our services for your reference only. They shall not be construed as any representation, warranty and undertaking that in anyway induce or influence you to use or not our services. Terms and conditions apply.

Merchant FAQ

Please contact us at +852 2186 7961 or email to Our sales team will contact you shortly.
We charge a percentage fee on every transaction processed with and paid by SVVAP.
You will receive your payment within 14 working days.
Yes, please login your merchant account through our website to search for a transaction and initiate a refund. However, we only make refund to transactions made within the past 14 days.
Yes, we set a monthly transaction limit based on your business nature, type of products or services and your transaction volume.
We offer this instalment service for order with value over HK$2,000 only.
  • We help you grow your business. We believe offering shoppers with more payment methods and instalment service can help increase your sales and expands your shopper base.
  • We take the payment default risks associated with the instalment and you will receive the full payment within 14 working days after the transaction.
  • We only charge a percentage fee per each transaction using SVVAP, no hidden costs.
* The above is a brief introduction of our services for your reference only. They shall not be construed as any representation, warranty and undertaking that in anyway induce or influence you to use or not our services. Terms and conditions apply.

Contact Us

+852 2186 7961



Room 602-3, 6 Floor, Hua Qin International Building,
340 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Join Us


  • Being a part of Front-End Engineers and Back-End Engineers developing, monitoring and maintaining software developed by the group.
  • Developing host and back-end systems elements that support the management of our transactional, order management and consumer management systems and services.
  • Extending core database systems to support new and additional functions of the core systems and services.
  • Develop internal and external API frameworks that support interaction with the core systems and services.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or demonstrated equivalent
  • Need to Familiar with AWS/Azure cloud platform; Familiar with CI/CD, Docker;
  • Proven experience on with modern Frontend technologies such as Angular, Typescript, .Net, C#, SCSS etc;
  • Familiarity with architecture styles / APIs. (REST, RPC)
  • Knowledge on the ASP.NET framework, SQL Server and architectural patterns (e.g. Model View. Controller)

We are looking for a FULL STACK / BACKEND DEVELOPER to become a key member of the team. You will be taken 100% responsibility in managing the core system in every aspect & you can hire the people/ form a team you want to support you. Most importantly to have fun, build something great together for the community and provide the best customer payment experience in this industry.

Please send your CV to

  • Focus on seeking out new sales opportunities for company and gather feedback from merchants & share with internal teams
  • Degree holder
  • Good team player, quick learner and highly self-motivated
  • Excellent presentation and communication skill with all levels
  • Proficient command of English and Mandarin
Please send your CV to